Pretty Girl Retreat Conference

April 22, 2018 - Atlanta, Georgia

Twin of A Kind Foundation is hosting the Pretty Girl Retreat Conference (PGRC).  PGRC aims to help girls build stronger self-esteem and create value in their communities.  For girls, the confidence to see and accept their own value helps them to build the right personal foundation.  The conference will cover the importance of identifying one's strengths that make them unique; further capitalizing off those strengths to build leadership, entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy.

The vision behind PGRC is to motivate and bring out the confidence in every GIRL so that they can fulfill their dreams and move into adulthood economically, self-sufficiently and prepare them to take on the world.  "I'm That GIrl!" is an individual that is confident, bold and uniquely gifted in her own right.  She turns away from distraction and doesn't need the approval of everyone around her.  She is aware of her assets that make her unique and is committed to fulfilling her dreams and becoming a self-sufficient individual in society.

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