My Journey

Growing up in grade school was rough.  Being bullied and ridiculed for your size and appearance was difficult for me to escape.  Constant nagging self-doubt became routine and self-destructive. However, the Lord saw fit not to end my journey there....with His saving grace, I found focus and began to accept my own value to build the right personal foundation and a stronger self-esteem. It was important for me to identify my strengths; accept my flaws as assets that make me unique; and set goals by simply improving my communication skills, taking risks and meeting new friends.  

The vision behind Pretty Girl Retreat is to motivate and bring out the confidence in every GIRL; as well as, help girls fulfill their dreams and move into adulthood confident and ready to take on the world - hence the birth of Pretty Girl Retreat.  Pretty Girl Retreat is a staple of the wellness lifestyle for families; targeting teens, tweens and young adults; increasing social awareness among our youth struggling with issues of self-esteem, beauty, and body image.  

Pretty Girl Retreat was formed on the simple pleasures of providing empowerment, pampering and fun in the ultimate experience on learning the true essence of beauty! As a mother of four, I have over 20 years of experience in mental health, modeling and mentoring; combined with the love of empowerment and self-care. The key to my success has been a proven ability to be educated and culturally sensitive when catering to young girls and their needs.